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Ms. Yvonne Parker

Global Speaker

MSc in Analytical Chemistry
MBA from Warwick University; Vice President – Market Development (Diagnostics), PerkinElmer

Ms Parker steered a research path, primarily focused on Adverse Outcomes of Pregnancy. Under her leadership, PerkinElmer launched the first pre-eclampsia marker (PlGF) for pre-term Pre-eclampsia in December 2009. Following a multiyear research collaboration with Professor Nicolaides, FMF, PerkinElmer’s PlGF1-2-3 assay was selected for the ASPRE study, published in the NEJM. Ms Parker has been an Industry observer on the FIGO Non-Communicable Disease (NCD)Committee since 2016. The FIGO NCD committee released guidelines on Hypertension in Pregnancy, focused on 1st Trimester prediction & prevention in early 2019.